Basic Services

Meal Prep

Our staff keeps its clients well fed and nourished. All meals are prepared healthy and delicious up to three times daily, with healthy snacks between meals and prior to bedtime as desired. We offer a variety of food choices and look forward to serving you with a quality balance options.

Medication Reminders

Even the things we need to function properly can be tough to remember on a daily basis. This is another area of life that we aim to make easier for our clients. We keep track of doctor’s appointments, remind you to take your medicine, and more. Our diligence and attention to detail in each of these areas help us keep you at your best.


With us, you’ll never need to worry about the stress of getting from A to B. If you’ve got a doctor’s appointment, we’re happy to get you there. When you’re running low on groceries, our staff is ready to drive you for restocking or even make the store run for you. However, our services are not limited to assistance in only those areas; we’re happy to help with transportation for plenty of additional errands and outings.

Additional Services

  • Assistance with Dressing
  • Bathroom Necessities

Focused Services

Respite & Hospice Care

We look after each resident no matter the time of day or night, providing our clients’ primary caregivers a short-term break. Arrange respite care for just an afternoon or for several days or weeks.

Caring for a family member can be taxing, with both physical and emotional distress taking a toll. At Abundant Residential Living Services, we help on an as-needed basis. Our team can offer assistance for up to 24 hours per day. So, you’re taken care of around the clock. Long term care is also available for our residents as needed.

Dementia Aid

We create a routine for our patients with dementia that includes everyday essentials such as bathing, dressing, and eating at the same time every day. In our care, our patients also make to-do lists, writing down appointments and events in a notebook or calendar. Furthermore, we plan daily activities for them and cater to their needs in a calm, gentle, and respectful manner.

Personal Hygiene Assistance

Our caregivers are here to help with showering and bathing, grooming, and making our clients feel fresh and clean. Staying groomed and clean is a key component of maintaining our health, which is why we make it our priority to keep you as clean as you need to feel your best.

24-Hour Supervision

At Abundant Residential Living Services, we have certified staff available to assist 24 hours a day. This service incorporates personal care assistance, escort, and companion services, which provide safety and security for our residents. Our skillfully matched, well-trained caregivers maintain a clean environment, assist with meal planning, shopping and preparation, and much more. They also escort residents to physician appointments and communicate valuable information as needed.

Additional Services

  • Private & Semi Private Rooms
  • Open Door Policy for Family & Friends
  • Assisted Devices
  • Care Plan Evaluations for Transitional Care