About Us

Abundant Residental Living Services, Inc.

Abundant Residential Living Services, Inc. provides the best care for your loved ones with the goal of catering to the elderly community. We accomplish this by providing priority care and comfort unattainable from commercial nursing homes. Our website offers readers a glimpse into the senior luxury lifestyle for outpatients, as well as some of the best experiences of our caregivers. What started out as weekly posts has evolved into a dynamic site packed with information about the importance of having patience and companionship when it comes to taking care of elders and providing the best services for them.

Meet the Owner

Jessica Johnson CEO, Abundant Residential Living Services, Inc.

My interest in caring for seniors and helping them live with dignity budded out of my childhood, persistently being influenced by my grandmother Sarah Johnson’s guidance, constructive criticism, love, and discipline. I inevitably inherited her wisdom and assertive nature. I had the chance to experience different cultures with unique approaches to values of discipline, determination, and persistence. However, what really left an imprint on me was how American and Non-American cultures treated and revered their senior loved ones.

So, in attending university, Samuel Merritt, I received degrees in both Public Health and a B.S. in Nursing. I then proceeded to retrieve my Doctorate in nursing, which openedmy path to in-home care. I developed my foundation by working in various health care settings since 2003.I finally took the first steps toward my long-held dream of opening my own agency. Any entrepreneur will tell you that you learn more from failures than successes, and I believe that wholeheartedly.

The early years of building my business were among the most challenging of my life, with some battles nearly driving my business to closing. However, my dedication to the senior community, my faith, and the loving support of my peers met along the way afforded me the determination to keep going. I discovered a strength I never knew I had. Despite my hardships I had the joy of giving birth to two sons and a daughter. I am a single mother raising my kids to be leaders and act in kindness of all.

In my efforts to build Abundant Residential Living Services, Inc. Senior Care, I kept running into the same problem: there just weren’t enough qualified caregivers who could meet the standards that I set for what seniors really needed. That's why I partnered with a mentor to grow a home care staffing agency.

This attention to detail is why you can trust Abundant Residential Living Services to cater to all its clients’ needs. My team and I have crossed the difficult terrain. We already know the best path to building a successful residential facility and home care business, because we've tried them all—the quick and the terrible. We've gone through the hardships, and we've come out stronger. So, when you choose us to care for your loved one,you get all of our expertise, our strategic caring nature, and the confidence that we will provide excellent service.